My Skills

My Top Six

The foundations of my career.

Web Design

I love to create unique, on brand and polished Website designs using adobe XD and its native prototyping tools.

Front End Development

I bring my designs to life using HTML5 and Sass, incorporating smooth animations and subtle UX techniques.

Wordpress Development

I know my way around a WordPress theme as well as creating my own. There are plenty of amazing themes to customise but sometimes something more bespoke is required!

Project Managment

From delegating tasks to keeping the client up to date, I love to oversee projects from beginning to end.

Client/Customer Management

Each customer comes with their own quirks, communication style and understanding of tech. I am able to adapt quickly to the customers needs and manage multiple customers at any given time.

Team Management

Not only can I manage myself but I can manage others! Delegation, understanding and transparency are the cornerstones of successful team management.

Software, languages and tools.

Over my career I have taught myself to be adequate in all types of creative software. I started in photoshop learning in photoshop at elven years old, editing pictures of my favourite X-men. My interest in the other creative suites gradually developed as I began to look for other ways to create.

I am always refining these skills and applying them to both personal and professional projects. The every changing digital world motivates me to expand these skills.

  • Photoshop98
  • Adobe XD90
  • Illustrator90
  • InDesign95
  • After Effects70
  • Premier Pro65
  • HTML 590
  • SASS90
  • CSS85
  • Wordpress Development80
  • PHP45
  • Javascript30

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